Enjoy Al and Alma’s By Land or Lake

Fine Dining at Al and Almas

Enjoy Al and Alma’s Supper Club!

The 2014 boating season has begun!  The docks at Al and Alma’s are in and ready for your visit.  Find your way to beautiful Upper Lake Minnetonka by boat, wind your way along the shoreline, explore the many islands and stop in to see what locals know as the best dining experience on the lake!  Phelp’s Island, the largest island on Lake Minnetonka has been home to Al and Alma’s Supper Club since 1956.  With a deep rooted tradition of service,  homemade recipes, and fine lakeside dining, the Supper Club has been serving the best of Lake Minnetonka for more than 50 years.  Although arriving by boat may be the funnest way to travel a short drive across the Black Lake or Cook’s Bay bridge will get you to the Supper Club by land.  Either way your table, excellent service, and delicious food await….Join us!

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