Lake Minnetonka Ice Out!

Well its that time of year when cabin fever starts to boil over and we all begin longing for frozen drifts of snow to dissipate and the thick sheets of ice to puddle back up to form our favorite bays.  In just a few weeks, the sun will have its way with winter and once again dance on the gentle waves of our beloved Lake Minnetonka.  Ahh…but when?  Today, March 15th places us just one month in front the the date that has alluded Lake Minnetonka Ice Out history dating all the way back to 1855.  Have some fun with the Al and Almascrew this spring;  submit your ice out date and time at our facebook site. 

Also, check history out for yourself:  visit a historical time line of Lake Minnetonka ice out at the Freshwater Society:

Happy Meltdown!

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