10 Tips to win business and stretch your corporate entertainment dollar. Part:2

5.  Atmosphere, Atmosphere, Atmosphere!  The atmosphere of your event should be free flowing allowing; just enough space to allow your clients and staff to enjoy themselves but not feel disorganized.    Music, icebreaker games, food and wine tiered tastings are just a few elements that can add just the right touch to your event!

4.  Captivate em.  A clear start and end time is one of the best ways to manage expectations.  We’ve all been to client dinners that seem to take forever to begin or end.  People walking in late, leaving early can be distracting to all.  Cruising comes with a built in “don’t miss the boat” feature, and also gives us an accurate end time.  If all goes as planned, your guests may not want to get off the boat!

3:  Just ask your Mom:  Honesty is the best policy.  Setting proper expectations for the event can make or break your guest’s experiences.  Do the necessary up-front work to assure your event plans are complete and representative of what your guests will experience.  Demand precision from your Event Planner, if you are hosting an event during the lunch or dinner hour make sure you communicate what kind of meal you will or won’t be serving!

2.  Hey You Guys!  Remember the old Kool Aid commercials where nothing was fun until the Kool Aid man burst through the walls delivering refreshments to everyone?  Don’t leave your guests hanging for relief; assure that from the moment your guests arrive on site that they are pampered.  A welcome beverage is a great way to demonstrate that as the host, you’re glad that your guests are present and you look forward to keeping them comfortable throughout the event!

1. Make it a both-and experience.  Why does it always have to be one or the other?  Deep down don’t we really want things to be a both…and?  Your clients know that they are being treated to a spectacular event, they are not ignorant.  The first confirmation that you have their attention is their presence, don’t be afraid to use the event to make a fair ask for the pending deal or opportunity!

Our professional event staff will work with you to make the most of your entertainment budget.  Come and explore Lake Minnetonka aboard Al and Alma’s Charter Cruises

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