10 Tips to win business and stretch your corporate entertainment dollar. Part: 1

10.  Demand a partnership with your venue.  Make sure that your entertainment dollars are spent wisely; your clients can easily sniff out a quality venue vs. a mediocre venue.  Of course be fiscally responsible and work within your budget, but be realistic, know your limits; don’t try to secure an upscale venue at a thrift rate, you are sure to receive thrifty service, the old adage that you get what you pay for is almost always true!  Your venue hosts must align themselves as your advocate, a true stakeholder in the success of your event!

9.  Deliver an experience!  Create an event that your clients will tell their friends and family about.  Sure you want to get the deal, and one of the best ways is to align your product and your business with an experience that is associated with your message.  One of our client’s rewards their top performing employees with a trip to Vegas International Speedway to take a few laps in a stock car!  Now that’s an experience, but not one we can all afford!

8.  Make it personal.  Let’s face it, a lot of companies don’t have an obvious edge on their competitors,” the difference is our people” is almost as cliché as it is fact!  That’s why our success comes down to the ability of our key staff people (usually our sales staff) to establish a personal relationship with clients.  Connecting with your clients, in person, one on one is the best way to communicate your business message. 

7. Make it a treat.  Making your clients feel special doesn’t require a huge budget, it requires intentional thoughtfulness.  Crafting a feel good moment for your event is the catalyst for productive conversations for years to come!  Remember, the best things in life are free, a sunset falling over the Lake Minnetonka shoreline is included with almost every evening cruise we do!

6. Lots of business gets won on the links!  Yes, Minnesota has the most golf courses per capita in the country.  Golf will always be a champion way to interact with clients.  But seriously how many drives can you whiff  in order to let the client win?  Not everyone plays golf and in an increasingly younger work force, many of the up and comers have yet to get a grip on the sales irons of yester year.  So after a few laps around the links, treat your guests to a Lake Minnetonka Cruise experience enjoyed by all.

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