Iceberg Right Ahead…All Around!

Today is the coldest day of 2011.  With a projected high of 8 and low of -13 degrees its fun to think about warmer times to come!  Average Lake Minnetonka  ice out of April 15th is still 85 days away.  Ice out wont come soon enough for Bella Vista, Lake Minnetonka’s largest cruise boat.  During the winter months, circulating pumps churn the warmer water close to the lake bottom towards the surface maintaining a buffer of open water around the perimeter of Bella Vista’s hull.  Within days of ice out, Bella Vista will be hosting dinner cruise  and lunch cruise events for guests!  The remainder of the  six Al and Almas charter boats spend the winter on land and are launched one by one in the spring.  Think WARM thoughts!  See you on the water.

Lake Minnetonka's Largest Vessel the Bella Vista carefully stored for the winter.

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