It all begins with a ring…Wedding Cruises On Lake Minnetonka


It’s cold outside!  At the time of this post the temperature is a balmy 13 degrees, and the average ice thickness on Lake Minnetonka is well over a foot thick!  All outside temps aside, from Christmas and New Year’s holidays all the way to Valentines Day boast the most popular time of year for prospective grooms to drop the question!  Though not required with every nuptial proposal an engagement ring is the most common accompaniment to the big ask.  Have you ever wondered why?  Well certainly in our modern day society the sign of a wedding or engagement ring represents relational exclusivity and depending on size, even prestige.  But the tradition of the engagement band dates way back to the classical era and beyond.  The same era that brought us well known composers and musicians like Bach, Mozart, Hayden brought us the modern tradition of the wedding engagement ring.  At that time it was believed that an ancient Egyptian myth of the vein of love, so called because if you look at the back of one’s hand you can see a large vein leading to the fourth finger (ring finger).  It was called the vein of love because it was believed that this vein was a straight pathway to the heart.  Kind of ironic that classical music is so commonly used in wedding ceremonies!  So weather your basking in the glow of a new engagement or getting up the nerve to make the big ask, think of bringing your celebration to cruise the waters of spectacular Lake Minnetonka.  Engagement parties, bridal showers, rehearsal dinners, and of course, wedding ceremonies and receptions make for an incredible fusion of friends, family, food, and sights!  Congrats to all of you newly engaged folks out there, come and visit us at the upcoming wedding fair events; the MSP Bridal Party at the Depot this Sunday January 9th from 11 – 4:30 or Next Sunday at the Wedding Fair at the convention center.

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