Boathouse on Upper Lake Minnetonka Celebrates 100 Years

Oriental Boathouse on Upper Lake Minnetonka Celebrates 100 Years!

This summer marks the 100th season for the spectacular Japanese styled boathouse that adorns the eastern shoreline of Upper Lake Minnetonka.  The intricate design and craftsmanship of this icon has been appreciated by boaters…even before there were boats!  Its fun to think of all of the sights that have passed by the view from this amazing structure;  the evolution of boating, the rise and fall of cabins, homes, mansions and not to mention the incredible sunsets that have unfolded directly west of its placement.  As this structure celebrates 100 years on Upper Lake, its very existence is a tribute to the original design and build team.  While many boat houses have buckled and collapsed into eroding or washed away ground, somehow this structure has weathered the drought of the great depression, the tornado of 65, and the super storm of 1987 just to name a few.  A cruise past one can see the three defined levels of the boathouse, the first originally intended to serve as a shower / restroom, the middle a living room area and the top level a spectacular look out perch and gazebo.  Originally built by a couple that honeymooned in Japan and so fell in love with the architecture of that land, when they built their home and boathouse on Lake Minnetonka, they wanted it to reflect the beauty they had come to love while on their trip.  And so it goes on today as a labor of love, kept up now by current owners; the Scott family.  Thanks Scott family for being such great stewards of a Lake Minnetonka treasure!

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